Golfing is a game of inches. This is especially true when you are on the green, but the trick is getting yourself on the green to make the putt. For many golfers looking to get over that hump and start playing par-level golf, perfecting their approach game is what it takes. Improving your irons and approach shots put you in a position to make par and birdie putts, but sharpening your approach shots takes a lot of time, especially if you are not practicing correctly. If you want to turn the corner and elevate your golf game while lowering your score, there are some things you can do to start quickly improving your approach game. 

If you are only taking approach shots while playing a round of golf you are not doing enough. To really get better you need to get off of the golf course and onto the driving range. This is why it is important to find a golf course that has a driving range. The driving range allows you to practice the approach shot that you see most often in your game. Whether you are typically one hundred fifty yards away or whatever your most common distance is, the driving range gives you the opportunity to take repeated shots from this distance. This practice will help improve your accuracy and start giving you more birdie shots. Check out for more info about golf. 

You should also consider how old your irons and golf clubs are, as they may have lost their pop or may not be the right size for your swing. You can get fitted for irons at your golf course's pro shop or going online. You can find more about getting fitted for irons and what to look for in irons by going to an online golf shop or talking with your local golf pro. Using the right equipment is an important part of lowering your overall score, go here to know more! 

To improve your approach and short game it is also a good idea to consider lessons or check out instructional golf videos online. This is a good way to fix any swing mechanics issues with your swing. If you find yourself being consistently inaccurate with your shot, the issue may be your swing. To seriously improve your game you should get lessons in person or through online instructional videos, because this is an important part of learning and improving your game. 


You can save yourself a lot of strokes by improving your approach game. A good approach shot puts you in the place to make a birdie or at least two putts away from a par. No one will get better over night or without hitting the range, so instead of only playing rounds of golf, maybe consider hitting the driving range more so you can focus on this specific shot. Improving your golf game is going to take a lot of practice and hard work, but the good news is that it will still be a lot of fun, check it out!